how many people can i @ with yalls cold ass hearts?

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Should I watch FMA brotherhood or the 2003 one?

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Has anyone ever died from deep throating??

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Avocados doing yoga.

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“I’m not afraid to admit I am emotional. It is not a weakness; it is a sign that I am not numb to the swords swung at me in this world. That some days, I am not immersed in positivity. Some days, I’ll cry, and feel defeated. Others I will feel God-like and believe I can reach the heavens themselves in one proverbial leap. There are hurricanes and wondrous islands that find placement in me. I am not afraid to express the drought or the tide.”

— "Emotionally Human" - Dae Lee (Daeizm)

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offerings in india

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Im so smart and prwtty that it doesnt matter what dude i date everyone will always be like how did that…get *her* explains why im looks blind when it comes to guys

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be thankful for the love and light in your life. be shaped by the waves of kindness others have shown you, and work to return them. take stock of the potential you have, and the things you can use to make your dreams come true. be thankful for the lessons you learnt thru the hardships. be thankful you made it this far

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