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Artsy white boys with the thick rimmed glasses are the corniest thing but does that stop me?? No.

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Claudio Marchisio arrives at Malpensa Airport on March 3, 2014 in Milan, Italy.

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If you reblog my text posts and not my selfies that is so…hurtful….it’s like ur following me for my charming personality and not my beautiful face

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I asked my momma if she was using a mask or something bc her skin was looking good and she said “no sweetie that’s called natural beauty” like!!!

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whats going on here

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Mostly look at my eyebrows

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do i watch soccer any other time of the year?? no. but i had fun watching the cup for the past two weeks. i’m having fun. hope u true die hard soccer fans are having fun too

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i’m a bandwagoner for every sport i don’t care i’m only into for the #drama anyway

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“Are you two in a relationship?”“(Man) No, we are just friends. We know each other from a music video she shot while studying media; I was chosen as the main character. She is overly enthusiastic, so we go to exhibitions a lot together. I am learning a lot from both the exhibitions and her.”“(Woman) He is young but always modest. Right now we are each single, but even if we each date someone else we would still hang out together like this.”
“둘이 연인 관계세요?”“(남자) 아뇨. 아는 누나와 동생 사이에요. 예전에 누나가 미디어 공부하면서 뮤직비디오를 찍을 때 제가 남자 주인공으로 발탁돼서 알게 됐어요. 열정이 넘치는 누나라 같이 전시회에 자주 다니고, 저도 많이 배우고 있어요.”“(여자) 이 친구는 어리지만 항상 겸손해요. 지금은 각자 솔로지만, 서로 애인이 생겨도 우린 이렇게 같이 놀러 다닐 거예요.” 

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Women in Bangladesh celebrate at the announcement of recent national high school results. Girls outdid boys in the public exams, despite numerous obstacles that females face in Bangladesh’s education sector.Read more on Global Voices. 

Women are unquestionably superior despite all men’s efforts to hide this fact and destroy us

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